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VAT came into effect on Jan 1, 2018, in UAE and Dubai. Qatar and Bahrain were among the first members of the Gulf Cooperation Council to adopt this system from Jan 1.

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VAT consultants in UAE is a reliable and renowned professional company offering accurate and timely VAT consultation and filing services. As per the VAT system, goods are charged at 5% of the goods' price and services. Tax is charged at every stage in the supply chain. Some goods are services are charged at 0%, and some are exempted.

If you are doing business in the UAE, your business will fall in either of the VAT categories, and your business needs to be VAT Compliant. You will need expert VAT consultants in UAE to help you follow the VAT rules and avoid penalties, if any levied, due to lack of information and implementation.

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We have worked with different organisations and assisted them with expert VAT Advisory Services, VAT Compliance services, VAT Implementation services, and VAT Training services.

With the latest knowledge and being in sync with the latest updates, we are ready to serve you with accurate and timely VAT-related services. Get in touch with the experts to ease out the stress associated with being a VAT Compliant business. When you have VAT Consultants In UAE at your service, you can focus on core business activities and not invest time complying with the strict VAT rules.

With our expert VAT consultants in UAE, you can achieve your business's margins before paying the taxes with full knowledge of the VAT regulations and being VAT compliant. We help you optimise your business, to be VAT compliant without letting your end consumers feel any drastic change.

UAE VAT Consultants are the most reputed VAT-related services provider with thousands of satisfied clients. We help businesses get registered for VAT and complete the due process of VAT filing.

It is noteworthy that if a company earns revenue more than AED 365,000, then it's mandatory as per the VAT law to get VAT registration. If the income is in the range of AED 187,500- AED 375,000, it's optional for the company to file for VAT registration. However, if the income is below AED 187 500, then there is no registration required.

We VAT consultants in UAE help you with VAT Registration, VAT Accounting, VAT Return Filing, VAT Deregistration services

and provide you with relevant VAT Training to handle routine VAT matters.

How is VAT implementation done?

After getting your business registered by the FTA, we initiate the change process that your business needs to accommodate. VAT Implementation is required if a change in the turnover or new products are added to the production. We simplify the complex process of the VAT implementation and make sure that the business does not face any VAT compliance issues.

The best VAT implementation plan needs to be chosen, taking into account the business model. Our Expert VAT Consultants provide an accurate analysis and implement the most appropriate VAT implementation plan in sync with your business. We avoid penalties and ensure your business does not face any loss due to improper implementation.

After choosing the best VAT implementation plan, thorough VAT Training is provided to the employees, making them aware of the intricacies involved in the VAT implementation process. We ensure that employees are armed with the requisite knowledge and correct information to combat the challenges arising with VAT compliance.

Key factors that are affected by VAT Implementation

Cost Control

Revenue generation

Working Capital

By understanding the factors mentioned above, we know your business and create the apt strategy to execute a well-planned GCC VAT compliance process. It will make your business VAT compliant and help you avoid notices and penalties, which otherwise are a common scenario when a business fails to be VAT compliant.

We at UAE VAT Consultancy are improving the entire process of VAT filing. Our team takes complete care of the compliance process with the GCC VAT Laws.

VAT implementation

Before the VAT Implementation process, our team thoroughly understands the business model and its implication and decides the correct classification. It will lead to correct GST computation and accurate GST filing services. The team studies the accounts and arrives at the best decision of the VAT Implementation process.

The accounts team is informed of the guidelines to be followed in the VAT implementation process. Our team coordinates with the IT department for obtaining the billing records. It is necessary to follow the correct system, and the FTA is presented with all the required documents and data. There are different authorities to which GCC member countries are required to file the VAT.

We ensure seamless VAT Advisory-related services.

With complete VAT training services, we ensure that the VAT implementation process is simplified. We prepare timely VAT reports and file VAT returns for your business with 100 % accuracy.

Our VAT Consulting Services Portfolio - Diverse
to fulfill all the VAT-related services

Expert services for Simplified VAT registration services

Expert services for Simplified VAT registration services

VAT Accounting

VAT Accounting

VAT Return Filing

VAT Return Filing

VAT Deregistration

VAT Deregistration

Expert services for Simplified VAT registration services

Do you keep stressing over VAT execution? Does VAT compliance mean a massive expenditure to you? Not anymore, as we at UAE VAT Consultation are helping a large number of businesses with compliance services, VAT registration services, and VAT Advisory and VAT consultation services. Contact us to get the best VAT implementation services. Get an optimal tax plan that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Get VAT Records Ready with VAT our Expert Registration services.

For VAT registration services in the UAE, you must furnish all the necessary documents before the FTA officers. You have to declare the products and services the business deals in and the poof of the revenue generated for the same.

Our experts professionally represent you and your business in front of the Federal Tax Authority UAE. Meetings with GCC officials and getting VAT registration – are represented duly by our expert VAT consultants. They take care of the VAT registration services, enabling you to focus on business growth.

We are a complete solution provider for GST-related services- VAT registration and VAT deregistration for companies who do not fall in the VAT category with revenue not exceeding AED 187 500. Contact us for all the VAT-related services.

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VAT Accounting Service

We provide excerpt VAT Accounting Services and maintain a number of records as per the UAT VAT Laws. Our VAT Consultants have years of experience in providing VAT Accounting Services for various industries and verticals.

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VAT Return Filing Service

We are a professional VAT Consultant company that offers seamless and effortless VAT return filing with our dedicated online services. You can either outsource the process of VAT Return filing service to our experts or opt for VAT Training services that will train your accountants to follow the process.

Using the FTA portal, the Vat Return Filing process is carried out. Make your claims easily with our expert team’s assistance, who will seek the necessary details such as the TRN Number and the password. We aim to make the VAT Return Filing process quicker and easier for you.

Preparing Your Business for VAT Filing

A dedicated team comprising experienced professionals makes the VAT Implementation process easy and stress-free. They are acquainted with all the complexities involved in the VAT filing process. With TAX advisors, VAT Experts, Accountants, and IT professionals, we ensure that we represent you and your business accurately in front of the FTA officials.

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VAT Deregistration Service

We assist you with VAT Deregistration process and help you carry out voluntary VAT Deregistration or Compulsory VAT Deregistration as the case may be. VAT Deregistration could be a time-consuming process if you do not get professional assistance. Our VAT Consultants handle the entire VAT Deregistration process for you and save your precious time and effort.

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VAT Training Program

We are a highly professional company offering VAT Advisory and VAT training services. We provide complete VAT training empowering employees with all the knowledge and skills to be ahead of the curve. They can help keep your organisation anticipate any issues and be successful in keeping the business VAT Compliant.

We offer support services to ensure that your organisation is ready to adapt to the changes that your business might need to accommodate to be VAT compliant. Our well- designed training programs provide the requisite knowledge and the latest updates on streamlining the VAT implementation process.

Depending on your business model, the management is acquainted with the correct approach and can easily follow the government rules and regulations of the VAT law.

They are made aware of the implications of any discrepancies arising that might be due to a lack of knowledge of the VAT rules and incorrect implementation.

Our team trains them on mitigating the risks that are the result of such negligence. In a nutshell, we make your employees ready for VAT implementation and help them avoid any penalties and not attract notices for incorrect VAT implementation by following the exact VAT filing process.

Formulating the best strategy for incorporating the Changes resulting from VAT Return Filing

We evaluate the category in which your business falls- our VAT experts will determine the class of VAT your business will be classified into- 5% VAT, 0% VAT, or exemption from the VAT system. Most of the companies have to pay 5% VAT, and in such cases, the VAT system affects the revenue generated before the VAT implementation.

The tax structure will affect the revenue, so pricing needs to be revised. The business operations need to be streamlined to have a minimal effect on income generation. With strategic planning, we accommodate the required changes and adjust the same after executing the VAT process.

Not only for the domestic sales but sales with other GCC members – we provide you the best implementation methods that keep your business afloat and vendors loyal.

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