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Know About VAT Registration in Dubai

The VAT system has been widely accepted in several countries. UAE is one of them, which introduced the system on Jan 1, 2018. If you are running a taxable business as per the laws laid down by the FTA, then it is mandatory to go for VAT Registration in UAE. 5% tax is levied on most of the goods ad services in the UAE. Some are charged at 0% and while some are exempted and do not fall in the VAT purview.

VAT is defined as an indirect tax paid by the end consumers and collected by the businesses selling taxable goods and services. It is the responsibility of the taxable company to collect the tax from the consumers and remit it to the UAE government.

The Vat Registration in UAE comes along with a VAT Compliance check. Every taxable business should be VAT compliant and maintain accurate VAT records that have to be furnished to the FTA.

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Know your eligibility for VAT registration in UAE

Which Businesses should get VAT Registration in UAE?

A business needs to determine whether its eligible for VAT registration in the UAE. Before registering for VAT in UAE, it is necessary to find out whether your business requires VAT registration or not based on turnover.
A business can fall in any one of the following categories for VAT registration. It is based on different categories in which a company is classified. After proper classification, it then needs to process with the registration process.

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VAT Registration limit in UAE

A business is eligible for Mandatory VAT registration with an annual turnover of supplies of more than AED 375,000. In that case, as the name suggests, it has to get the business registered for VAT.

For the second category, i.e. the Voluntary VAT Registration, it is up to the business to get VAT Registration in UAE. if it comes under the ambit of the VAT threshold- annual turnover of taxable supplies between AED 187,500 and AED 375,000

The exempted category applies to those businesses if the annual turnover of taxable supplies is lesser than AED 187,500. Such businesses need not register for VAT.

It is noteworthy that the value of exempt supplies is excluded while calculating the total value of the taxable supplies and imports.

Which Businesses need VAT Registration In UAE?

Applying for VAT Registration in UAE

The Federal Tax Authority is the authorized department that manages the tax services – federal taxes, fines, and executing the tax-related process in the UAE. It maintains the official UAE VAT Registration portal which facilitates all the VAT-related activities.

The first step is to create an e-service account on the FTA portal and follow the steps to fill the VAT registration form. You need to ensure all the information you have input is correct to avoid any penalty after that. The same VAT credentials for VAT registration and VAT Deregistration are used.

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Documents Required for VAT Registration in UAE

Since the implementation of VAT In the UAE, a large number of companies have registered for VAT. With the help of a VAT Consultant, you can know if your business is eligible for VAT Registration in UAE. If your annual turnover exceeds the threshold turnover rule laid down by the FTA, then it is mandatory to get your business registered for VAT. The VAT registration need might arise due to increased annual turnover or the inclusion of taxable supplies in the procurement.

Following are the documents to be furnished for VAT registration in Dubai or any other emirate to initiate VAT registration.

1. Trade License scanned copy.

2. Certification of Incorporation

3. Article of Association or Partnership Agreement

4. If the above documents are unavailable, you need to furnish other documents that prove the ownership status.

5. All the trade licenses need to be shared if a single entity owns multiple trade licenses.

6. Passport copy of the CEO or equivalent profile- if the person is a UAE resident, the Emirates ID copy needs to be furnished.

7. Documents declaring annual turnover.

8. Scanned copy of the Customs Number- if the business is registered with the customs department of the UAE.

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Process of VAT Registration in UAE


Group VAT Registration in UAE

Get Fast VAT Group Registration Process in UAE with VAT Experts

Businesses can register for VAT Groups when they share economic and financial aspects such as legal status, shareholding, and operating companies in the UAE. One entity or industry part of the group can represent the whole group and file a consolidated VAT Return. However, it is essential to note that a VAT Tax group is jointly liable for the VAT payments. Moreover, all the supplies in the VAT group are not subjected to VAT.

VAT Registration Amendments

If amendments are required in the VAT Registration details due to some unavoidable circumstances, the business has to inform the FTA within 20 days from which the events occur. Some changes are automatically be updated on the FTA portal and do not require any approval from the FTA, such as the GCC activities section, customer registration form, etc. On the contrary, few details about the applicant, banking information, business relationships need approval from the FTA To make the amendments.


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Penalties for not registering for VAT in UAE

If a taxable business does not follow the VAT Filing rule and fails to file the VAT Return within the specified time limit, the FTA will impose a penalty of AED 20,000 on the business.

VAT Deregistration Services

After accurately determining the eligibility for VAT Deregistration, a company can cancel the VAT registration by visiting the FTA portal and furnishing all the required details.

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